Increase on-time deliveries with smart alerts.

Channel19's software analyzes TMS and ELD data with AI in real time to predict and notify Carriers of in-progress delivery issues.  

Proactively monitor your loads

Delays happen — be the first to know and take action to avoid penalties.

Happier Dispatchers, Drivers, and Customers.


delivery delays predicted automatically


Dispatcher productivity


increase in on-time delivery (OTD) score
Getting up to speed

Channel19 integrates with your existing software. Get started in one day and see your fleet's performance immediately.

Monitor and improve your on time deliveries.

Delivery exception handling

Our first product calculates and alerts accurate delivery times in real-time, considering load appointment times, live ELD data, and HoS.

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Reefer monitoring

Avoid costly reefer claims by monitoring and alerting Dispatchers to temperature and reefer equipment data issues to prevent spoiled cargo.

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Automated driver communication

Supercharge your Dispatchers by automating administrative tasks such as data entry, messages, and load booking.

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