Find, book, and manage more freight loads faster using AI.

Intelligent freight truck dispatch software for Owner Operators, fleets,
and dispatching companies.

How We Help

Channel19 handles your load monitoring, booking, data entry, and dispatch support tasks.

Save dispatching time and cost by eliminating manual monitoring, scheduling, paperwork and communications.


Reduction in loadboard monitoring time


Less time spent booking loads


The volume of manual dispatcher tasks
On the Road or at the Desk

Use Channel19 on your smart phone or computer

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Frequently asked questions

What is Channel19?

We build software tools for Owner Operators, Fleets, and Dispatching companies that eliminate the grunt work like loadboard monitoring, finding profitable loads, bidding/booking loads, data entry, email/text/phone calls, and dispatch support from the work of a Dispatcher

Are you a loadboard?

No, we are not a loadboard. We aggregate loads from leading loadboards and Brokers so that you can find loads across your favorite loadboards in one place.

Are you a TMS system?

No, we are not a TMS system. Our software integrates with TMS systems and eliminates the manual tasks from your typical TMS workflow.

I am happy with my existing set of tools like loadbaords, excel, email, messenger etc. Why should I use Channel19?

You can continue working with your existing tools and still enhance your team’s productivity and satisfaction with these tools by deploying Channel19 on top of your existing tools. We guarantee that your users will love the superpowers our software will arm them with.

Do you have an app for drivers?

Yes, we have a driver mobile app for them to see assigned loads, allow location tracking,upload docs, etc.

How long will it take to get started?

You can be up and running in less than 24 hours in most cases. We have a dedicated onboarding team and same-day support. Onboarding and training are always free, and we don’t require long-term contracts.

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